Augustus Carney


Name:  Augustus Carney
Date of death:  1920-00-00


Pictures of Augustus Carney

Alkali Ike's Misfortunes

Alkali Ike's Misfortunes


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Movies featuring Augustus Carney

Alkali Ike and the Hypnotist (1913) (movie) [Augustus as Alkali Ike]
Hypnotism in Hicksville (1913) (movie) [Uncle Hezekiah Crabtree]
Alkali Ike's Bride (1912) (movie) [Alkali Ike]
Alkali Ike Stung! (1912) (movie) [Alkali Ike]
Alkali Ike's Auto (1911) (movie) [Alkali Ike]
Bad Man's Christmas Gift, The (1910) (movie)
Universal Ike Almost a Hero (1914) (movie) [Ike]
Dog on Business, A (1910) (movie)
Alkali Ike's Misfortunes (1913) (movie) [Alkali Ike]
Hank and Lank: Blind Men (1910) (movie) [Hank]
Tenderfoot Messenger, The (1910) (movie) [Augustus as Shorty Blair]
Emerald Brooch, The (1915) (movie)
Alkali Ike's Mother-in-Law (1913) (movie) [Alkali Ike]
Lucky Card, The (1911) (movie)
Hungry Pair, A (1911) (movie) [Shorty]
Pals of the Range (1910) (movie)
Lady Audley's Jewels (1913) (movie)
Universal Ike in Pursuit of the Eats (1914) (movie) [Ike]
Billy McGrath's Love Letters (1912) (movie)
Corporation and the Ranch Girl, The (1911) (movie)
Last Laugh, The (1913) (movie) [Augustus Carney as Mr. Jones]
Universal Ike in Three of a Kind (1914) (movie) [Ike]
Universal Ike in the Neglected Wife (1914) (movie) [Ike]
Girl in the Case, The (1913) (movie) [Old Geaser]
Stage Driver's Daughter, The (1911) (movie)
Hank and Lank: They Make a Mash (1911) (movie) [Augustus Carney as Hank]
Giuseppe's Good Fortune (1912) (movie)
Woman of Arizona, A (1912) (movie)
Western Kimona, A (1912) (movie) [Alkali Ike]
Music Hat Charms (1915) (movie)
Desert Claim, The (1911) (movie)
Hank and Lank: As Sandwich Men (1910) (movie) [Hank]
Tag Day (1909) (movie)
Time Flies (1912) (movie)
Alkali Ike's Gal (1913) (movie) [Alkali Ike]
Same Old Story, The (1913) (movie) [Augustus Carney as The Young Man]
Alkali Ike's Motorcycle (1912) (movie) [Alkali Ike]
Misjudging of Mr. Hubby, The (1913) (movie)
Bound to Occur (1913) (movie)
Westerner's Way, A (1910) (movie)
Broncho Bill's Last Spree (1911) (movie) [Augustus as Alkali Ike]
Love on Tough Luck Ranch (1912) (movie) [Carney]
Take Me Out to the Ball Game (1910) (movie) [The Baseball Fan]
Hubby's Scheme (1911) (movie)
Count and the Cowboys, The (1911) (movie) [Stump Carney]
Alkali Ike and the Wildman (1913) (movie) [Augustus Carney as Alkali Ike]
Universal Ike Has One Foot in the Grave (1914) (movie) [Ike]
Widow Jenkins' Admirers (1912) (movie) [Alkali Ike]
Billy McGrath's Art Career (1912) (movie)
Universal Ike and the School Belle (1914) (movie) [Ike]
Smuggler's Daughter, The (1912) (movie)
Town Hall, Tonight (1911) (movie) [The Short Schultz Brother]
Curing a Masher (1910) (movie) [The Masher]
Loafer, The (1912) (movie)
Universal Ike's Wooing (1914) (movie)
What George Did (1913) (movie) [Augustus Carney as Alkali Ike, the Girl's Father]
Universal Ike Gets a Line on His Wife (1914) (movie) [Ike]
At the Lariat's End (1913) (movie)
Puncher's New Love, The (1911) (movie)
That Pair from Thespia (1913) (movie) [First Actor]
Alkali Ike's Boarding House (1912) (movie) [Augustus Carney as Alkali Ike]
Gum Man, The (1913) (movie) [The Innkeeper]
Broncho Billy and the Schoolmistress (1912) (movie)
Straw Man, The (1915) (movie) [Scarecrow]
When Universal Ike Sets (1914) (movie)
Why Universal Ike Left Home (1914) (movie)
Scratch, The (1913) (movie)
Deacon's Dilemma, The (1913) (movie)
Broncho Billy's Christmas Dinner (1911) (movie) [Cowboy]
Hank and Lank: They Dude Up Some (1910) (movie) [Hank]
Sophie's New Foreman (1913) (movie) [Augustus Carney as Alkali Ike]
Bandit's Child, The (1912) (movie)
Tout's Remembrance, The (1910) (movie)
Bunco Game at Lizardhead, The (1911) (movie) [Jake Walters]
Found Out (1913) (movie)
Mr. Hubby's Wife (1912) (movie) [Augustus Carney as Mr. Hubby]
Two Reformations, The (1911) (movie)
Patricia of the Plains (1910) (movie) [Mr. Watkins]
Hank and Lank: Lifesavers (1910) (movie) [Hank]
Alkali Ike Bests Broncho Billy (1912) (movie) [Alkali Ike]
Circle C Ranch Wedding Present (1910) (movie)
Bill Mixes with His Relations (1912) (movie)
Teaching Hickville to Sing (1913) (movie) [The Shrimp]
Universal Ike in the Battle of Little Tin Horn (1914) (movie) [Ike]
Mustang Pete's Love Affair (1911) (movie) [Alkali Ike]
Snakeville Courtship, A (1913) (movie) [Augustus Carney as Alkali Ike]
Alkali Ike's Love Affair (1912) (movie) [Alkali Ike]
Western Girl's Sacrifice, A (1911) (movie)
Failure, The (1915) (movie)
On the Desert's Edge (1911) (movie)
Universal Ike Has His Ups and Downs (1914) (movie) [Augustus as Ike]
Sophie's Hero (1913) (movie) [Alkali Ike]
Heiress, The (1913) (movie)
Awakening at Snakeville, The (1914) (movie) [Alkali Ike]
Alkali Ike's Pants (1912) (movie) [Alkali Ike]
Ranch Widower's Daughters, A (1912) (movie) [Augustus as Alkali Ike]
Close Shave, A (1910) (movie)
Billy McGrath on Broadway (1913) (movie)
Universal Ike Gets a Goat (1914) (movie) [Ike]
Infant at Snakeville, The (1911) (movie)
Laird of McGillicuddy, The (1913) (movie)
Hank and Lank: Uninvited Guests (1910) (movie) [Hank]
Love and Lavallieres (1913) (movie) [Jack]
Hank and Lank: Joyriding (1910) (movie) [Hank]
All for His Sake (1914) (movie)
Alkali Ike's Homecoming (1913) (movie) [Augustus as Alkali Ike]
Biter Bitten, The (1912) (movie)
Strike at the Little Jonny Mine, The (1911) (movie)
Count That Counted, The (1910) (movie) [A Lowly Reporter]
Blue Blood and Red (1916) (movie)
Hank and Lank: They Take a Rest (1910) (movie) [Augustus Carney as Hank]
Hank and Lank: They Get Wise to a New Scheme (1910) (movie) [Hank]
Alkali Ike in Jayville (1913) (movie) [Alkali Ike]
Ranchman's Anniversary, The (1912) (movie)
Absentee, The (1915) (movie) [David Lee/Contentment]
Child of the West, A (1912) (movie) [Augustus as A Rancher]
Martyrs of the Alamo (1915) (movie) [Old Soldier]
Universal Ike in Mary Green's Husband (1914) (movie) [Ike]
Alkali Ike Plays the Devil (1912) (movie) [Alkali Ike]
Alkali Ike's Close Shave (1912) (movie) [Alkali Ike]
Cowboy's Mother-in-Law, A (1910) (movie)
Universal Ike Goes Astray (1914) (movie) [Ike]

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