Angelique Pettyjohn


Name:  Angelique Pettyjohn
Date of birth:  1943-03-10
Place of birth:  Los Angeles, California, USA
Date of death:  1992-02-14
Place of death:  Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Sometimes credited as:  Angelique Pettijohn, Heaven St. John, Ashley St. John, Angelique


Pictures of Angelique Pettyjohn

Angelique Pettyjohn


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Movies featuring Angelique Pettyjohn

Hell's Belles (1970) (movie) [Angelique Pettyjohn as Cherry]
Bordello (1974) (movie)
Where Were You When the Lights Went Out? (1968) (movie)
Body Talk (1982) (movie) [Cassie]
Biohazard (1984) (movie) [Lisa]
Repo Man (1984) (movie) [Angelique Pettyjohn as Repo Wife #2]
Wizard of Speed and Time, The (1989) (movie) [Dora Belair]
G.I. Executioner (1975) (movie) [Bonnie]
Famous Ta-Tas (1986) (movie)
Heaven with a Gun (1969) (movie) [Emily (saloon girl)]
Curious Female, The (1970) (movie) [Angelique as Susan]
Stalag 69 (1982) (movie)
Takin' It Off (1985) (video) [Anita Little]
Going in Style (1979) (movie) [Woman at crap table]
Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon (1970) (movie) [Melissa]
Clambake (1967) (movie) [Angelique Pettyjohn as Gloria]
Titillation (1982) (movie) [Brenda Weeks]
Mother (1970) (movie)
Good-bye Cruel World (1983) (movie) [Dancing Nun]
Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968) (movie) [Sheila Willard]
Love Rebellion, The (1965) (movie) [Angelique Pettyjohn as Pamela Carpenter]
Lost Empire, The (1983) (movie) [Whiplash]
Childish Things (1969) (movie) [Angelique]

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