Anna Neagle


Name:  Anna Neagle
Real name:  Florence Marjorie Robertson
Date of birth:  1904-10-20
Place of birth:  Forest Gate, Essex, England, UK
Height:  5' 4'' (165 cm)
Date of death:  1986-06-03
Place of death:  West Byfleet, Surrey, England, UK
Sometimes credited as:  Dame Anna Neagle


Pictures of Anna Neagle

Wings and the Woman

Wings and the Woman

Anna Neagle Anna Neagle


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Movies featuring Anna Neagle

Piccadilly Incident (1946) (movie) [Anna Neagle as Diana Fraser]
Derby Day (1952) (movie) [Lady Helen Forbes]
Irene (1940) (movie) [Irene O'Dare]
Limelight (1936) (movie) [Marjorie Kaye]
Little Damozel, The (1933) (movie) [Julie Alardy]
Land of Liberty (1939) (movie) [Anna as Cameo appearance]
Bitter Sweet (1933) (movie) [Sarah Linden]
No, No, Nanette (1940) (movie) [Nanette]
They Flew Alone (1942) (movie) [Amy 'Johnnie' Johnson/Mollison]
Should a Doctor Tell? (1930) (movie) [Muriel Ashton]
Elizabeth of Ladymead (1948) (movie) [Anna as Beth in 1854/Elizabeth in 1903/Betty in 1919/Liz in 1946]
Courtneys of Curzon Street, The (1947) (movie) [Kate O'Halloran]
Sixty Glorious Years (1938) (movie) [Queen Victoria]
Flag Lieutenant, The (1933) (movie) [Hermione Wynne]
Alma Cogan: The Girl with the Giggle In Her Voice (1991) (TV show) [Herself]
Lilacs in the Spring (1955) (movie) [Anna Neagle as Carole Beaumont/Lillian Grey/Nell Gwynn/Queen Victoria]
Lady with a Lamp, The (1951) (movie) [Florence Nightingale]
London Melody (1937) (movie) [Jacqueline]
Spring in Park Lane (1948) (movie) [Judy Howard]
Queen's Affair, The (1934) (movie) [Queen Nadina]
Three Maxims (1936) (movie) [Anna as Pat]
Yellow Canary (1943) (movie) [Sally Maitland]
Nell Gwyn (1934) (movie) [Nell Gwyn]
Man Who Wouldn't Talk, The (1958) (movie) [Mary Randall, Q.C.]
Maytime in Mayfair (1949) (movie) [Eileen Grahame]
Odette (1950) (movie) [Anna as Odette/Marie/Lise]
Nurse Edith Cavell (1939) (movie) [Nurse Edith Cavell]
No Time for Tears (1957) (movie) [Eleanor Hammond]
Forever and a Day (1943) (movie) [Susan]
Victoria the Great (1937) (movie) [Queen Victoria]
Sunny (1941) (movie) [Anna Neagle as Sunny O'Sullivan]
School for Scandal (1930) (movie) [Bit Part]
Good Night, Vienna (1932) (movie) [Viki]
Lady Is a Square, The (1959) (movie) [Frances Baring]
King's Rhapsody (1955) (movie) [Maria Karillos]
Chinese Bungalow, The (1931) (movie) [Anna as Charlotte]
My Teenage Daughter (1956) (movie) [Valerie Carr]
Peg of Old Drury (1935) (movie) [Peg Woffington]
Volunteer, The (1943) (movie)
I Live in Grosvenor Square (1945) (movie) [Lady Patricia Fairfax]

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