A.J. Buckley


Name:  A.J. Buckley
Real name:  Aaron John Buckley
Date of birth:  1978-02-00
Place of birth:  Dublin, Ireland
Sometimes credited as:  Alan Buckley


Pictures of A.J. Buckley

Extreme Days

Extreme Days


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Movies featuring A.J. Buckley

Disturbing Behavior (1998) (movie) [A.J. Buckley as Charles 'Chug' Roman]
In a Class of His Own (1999) (TV show) [Jake Matteson]
In Crowd, The (2000) (movie) [Wayne]
Extreme Days (2001) (movie) [Will Davidson]
Manticore (2005) (TV show)
Girl Fever (2002) (movie) [A.J. as Jesse]
Convergence (1999) (movie) [Stanley Kobus]
Silent Warnings (2003) (video) [Layne Vossimer]
Forsaken, The (2001) (movie) [Mike]
Scream at the Sound of the Beep (2002) (movie) [Peter]
Nightstalker (2002) (movie) [A.J. Buckley as Somo]
Random Acts of Violence (1999) (movie) [Neil]
Roomies (2004) (movie) [Reno]
10:30 Check-Out (2002) (movie) [Alex]
In Enemy Hands (2004) (movie) [U.S.S. Swordfish: Medical Officer]
Deal of a Lifetime (1999) (movie) [A.J. Buckley as Axe]
Motocrossed (2001) (TV show) [Jimmy Bottles]
Reverie (2005) (movie) [Don]
Jimmy and Judy (2005) (movie) [Buddy]
Wishcraft (2002) (movie) [Howie]
Timecop: The Berlin Decision (2003) (movie) [A.J. as Gate Guard]
XCU: Extreme Close Up (2001) (movie) [Terrance 'T-Bone' Tucker]
Disappearance of Vonnie, The (1994) (TV show) [Robbie]
Blue Car (2002) (movie) [Pat]

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